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Cheap Greek holidays: make the most of your Greek holiday – for less!

Cheap Greek holidays: make the most of your Greek holiday – for less!

Ever watched a film and experienced a mad urge to inhabit the characters’ world? Of course, reality has a habit of intervening – we can’t very well follow the path to Mordor because, well, Mordor is a fictitious place (and I wouldn't fancy taking that rocky road myself, anyway!). What we can do, however, is holiday in a film or a novel’s setting. By Russ

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Travel Guide to cheap holiday accommodation

As one of the most expensive parts of any holiday is the accommodation, saving in this area can free up a lot of cash for the rest of the trip. But a budget holiday needn't call for a compromise of comfort; on the contrary. Whether you're planning your annual summer holiday, or just a few nights away, scouting for bargains offers an unexpected side benefit: a whole new range of holiday destinations you may not have previously thought about visiting. By Russ

Cheap holidays to Poland

Cheap holidays to Poland

Fancy a cheap holiday, but not so keen on the requisite inclusion of sun, sea and sand? One country that springs instantly to mind is Poland. This is the land where east meets west, an intriguing nation famous for its post-war, Gothic and Renaissance architecture, storied historical sites and street markets. By Ronnie



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