Become a local expert

With over half a million properties in 40 or more countries, you could say that here at HomeAway, we’ve got a fair bit of ground to cover. That’s why we’re seeking out local experts – to expand our holiday ideas, give our audience informative, entertaining and up-to-date articles, and inspire them to travel to the places you love.

We’ve been recommended by an array of popular travel websites and blogs, from USA Today’s travel site and HuffingtonPost, to,, and VisualNews. In addition to providing great content, however, we also have a pretty strong social presence, so anything we publish gets the visibility it deserves.

Raring to write? Just check out the details below – you’ll find everything you need to know about being considered for publishing, and becoming one of our latest local travel experts.

• Knowledge

If you live in Austria, holiday in Lake Garda, or have just got back from a break in Barcelona, we want to hear from you. It’s important that you have an angle on the destination you’re writing about – after all, you’ll be confined to around 700 words, so it’s best to focus on one aspect of your chosen holiday spot. Shopping, food, wine and wildlife; culture, history, festivals and nightlife – they’re all suitable topics* for publication.

• Style

Get creative. We love having a variety of writing styles on our website, so this is your chance to offer a little bit of you to our audience. As mentioned above, our aim is to provide informative, accurate and entertaining prose, but don’t worry if you’re no comedian – as long as you know your stuff, we’ll consider your piece. Of course, it’s good to know your ‘it’s’ from your ‘its’ and a ‘your’ from a ‘you’re’…but you knew that already.

• Format

Our travel guides feature an introduction (up to 150 words) and five paragraphs (100-120 words) so you can cover different areas, attractions or ideas within your article. Feel free to attach photos if you have them.

• Social Media

Ideally, we’d like our local travel experts to have their own blog or website, and a Google+ page for authorship purposes. If we publish one of your articles, we’ll ask that you also share it via social media.

Share your knowledge about the places you love

*Writers are not limited to these topics. However, we can only select your article if it covers a travel-based topic and a destination we are promoting in our Travel Guides. This is at the discretion of HomeAway staff.