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Kai Sedgwick loves to write about travelling, although he's happiest when travelling about writing. Fitness, garden sheds and rare earth metals are just some of the topics he's come to specialise in since becoming a copywriter two years ago. In his spare time, Kai sleeps as much as possible and blogs for his own site, Ed Uncovered.

Kai Sedgwick

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Tenerife family holidays

The largest of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife has long been a family favourite. The island may enjoy a burgeoning tourist trade, but its distinctive landscape is as unspoilt and beautiful as ever. Tenerife no longer houses active volcanoes, but their presence still looms large over the island, with Mount Teide the highest point in Spain at 3,718m above sea level.

2014 Japanese Grand Prix (Susuka)

Japan: synonymous with sushi. Synonymous with all things weird. Synonymous with Formula One? Arrive here in October and the answer to the latter is a resounding 'Yes!'. While Japan's contribution to the automobile industry is well documented, the Land of the Rising Sun is better known for manufacturing than racing

Wheelchair-friendly cottages in Cornwall

Cornwall: the land of blue sky, secluded coves and spectacular coastline. Technically it's in England, but in reality it may as well be in the Med, such is the disparity between Cornwall's allotted sunshine and the meagre amounts that are meted out to the rest of the UK. It's also got superb seafood, picturesque ports and other attractions that are best described with the use of alliteration.

Cottages for September

September is a great time for booking a British holiday cottage. With the kids back at school, rates are lower, and there’s still some lingering warmth in the sun’s rays provided you stray far enough south. Book a long weekend, or a week if you can stretch to it, and prepare to see the UK in a whole new light.

2014 Motogp

Do you love racing? Does the sound of powerful engines revving cause a frisson of excitement? While four-wheeled motor racing hogs the limelight, it’s by no means the only way to indulge your passion for high speeds – racing is just as intoxicating on two wheels. In fact motorcycle racing is faster, less predictable and arguably more dangerous than its F1 equivalent.

Women's Rugby World Cup

Rugby is a sport that calls for physical strength, tenacity and team spirit. It’s a gruelling game – one that elicits images of bodies slamming and tackles flying. While not the most obvious of women’s sports, rugby is fast attracting female converts. The Women’s Rugby World Cup may have a lower profile than its male equivalent, but there’s no disputing its growing appeal.

2014 Chinese Grand Pix

China: the land of the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Formula One Grand Prix. One of these things is different from the others. One of these things is noisy and very fast. Clue: it ain’t the temple. Hosted from 18 - 20 April, the 2014 GP promises to challenge everything you thought you knew about China – even if you knew nothing at all.

Sony Open 2014

The Miami Masters is a glamorous tennis tournament held each year in Florida’s Key Biscayne. So why is it now being referred to as the Sony Open? That’ll be on account of the sponsors who, in fairness, are stumping up a large sum of money for the privilege. Money that, in turn, brings the world’s top players to this ATP World Tour Masters 1000 event.

Meet in the middle on London family holdiays

Planning a family holiday involves trying to please everyone. But it’s not that simple. How do you choose a destination that’s kid-friendly yet full of culture? Action-packed but with scope to relax? If there’s one city that can be relied upon to entertain adults and littles ones alike, it’s London. The capital crams in enough shops, parks and restaurants to engross tourists of all ages, so you can have your cake and eat it too (and perhaps their share for afters!).

Cottages for May

On Sunday March 30 2014, the crème de la crème of motor sport will descend on Malaysia for the second race of the Formula One season. Reigning champion, German ace Sebastian Vettel, will be determined to build upon last year’s victory and claim his fourth win at the event overall, but Hamilton, Alonso and co will all be present, attempting to throw the proverbial spanner in the works. The backdrop for the Grand Prix is amongst the most alluring in F1’s glamorous schedule, as indeed is the host country as a whole.

Malaysian Grand Prix

On Sunday March 30 2014, the crème de la crème of motor sport will descend on Malaysia for the second race of the Formula One season. Reigning champion, German ace Sebastian Vettel, will be determined to build upon last year’s victory and claim his fourth win at the event overall, but Hamilton, Alonso and co will all be present, attempting to throw the proverbial spanner in the works. The backdrop for the Grand Prix is amongst the most alluring in F1’s glamorous schedule, as indeed is the host country as a whole.

Cottages for April

Springtime. A time of rejuvenation, renewal and resurrection. Daffodils and bluebells poking their heads through the grass. Cuckoos cooing and swallows soaring. Sunshine and the promise of warmer weather on its way. Springtime in Britain is a beautiful time.

Cottages for March

If your ideal holiday is an active one; if you’re happiest when exploring, clambering, cycling and rowing; if you live for the outdoors, there’s never a bad time to book a break. March? Bring it on. The British weather’s starting to pick up at this time of year, and even if there is still a chill in the air, well, it’s not going to stop you, is it?

UK holiday cottages for February

February is an uncertain month in the UK. The worst of winter has been and gone, but there’s still the odd flurry of snow to contend with, just when you thought you’d seen the last of it. There are also days of sunshine; days when spring feels imminent and wearing a jumper feels optional. Such moments rarely last however; if there’s one thing you can count on in February, it’s capricious weather.

UK Bank Holiday weekend cottages

Bank holiday weekend. The three greatest words in the English language. The pessimist would take the view that bank holidays serve only to remind us that for the remainder of the year we’re slaves to the wage. The optimist, however, would cherish this long-overdue long weekend and begin plotting their getaway at the earliest available opportunity.

August Bank Holiday Cottages

Every summer, the bank holiday weekend falls in the last week of August. For many, it presents the last opportunity to get away and enjoy the summer before the leaves start to crisp and fall, and the mercury slinks south. Spending the bank holiday weekend away may not be compulsory, but it’s highly recommended.

2014 Austrian Grand Prix

Austria is a mysterious land of dense forests, snow-covered mountains, rushing rivers and time-weathered alpine towns. For many visitors, the country is synonymous with winter sports; every year, its slopes become interwoven with ski and snowboard trails as Europe’s powder monkeys compete to see who can rush downhill fastest, jump highest and perform the wildest tricks.

2014 British Grand Prix

The British love motor racing. There’s something about the way man merges with machine in a Titanic battle for mastery of the road. We love the plucky underdog. We love the big shot racing drivers. And we love the young upstart. When it comes to F1, we pretty much love the whole package: the cars, the glamour, the girls, the champagne and the unrelenting noise.

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

Quebec’s largest city, Montreal is full of surprises. Its winters are chilly, its summers warm and its people are even warmer. This multicultural metropolis has a bohemian vibe to it; everyone is made to feel welcome here, regardless of where they’re from or what they’re into. Montreal loves its music, lives for its festivals and adores its arts scene. Spend a few days here and you’ll soon start to reciprocate.

2014 German Grand Prix

Hockenheim is a quiet German town in the north-west of Baden-Württemberg, a place where, for most of the year, not very much happens. The town’s 20,000 residents go about their business, scarcely troubling the national press or doing anything that might attract the attention of their fellow countrymen in the big cities.

2014 Australian Grand Prix

Melbourne is a city that doesn’t do things by halves. Weekend-long festivals under the stars; huge sporting events; national surfing competitions; chic shops and historic arcades. Full of colour and full of life, Melbourne is a fun-loving city that doesn’t know when to stop.

2014 Monaco Grand Prix

For a small principality, Monaco fairly packs a punch. What the sovereign state may lack in numbers (its population measures just 36,000) it more than makes up for in international clout. Monaco is well connected, well moneyed and well endowed in every other metric that matters to the world’s movers, shakers and powerbrokers.

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix

One of Europe’s landlocked countries, Hungary is set to attract record crowds in 2014, lured by the cheap prices and vibrant city life. Budapest in particular is a cultural, historical and social melting point that welcomes backpackers, families and newly-weds in equal measure.

Cottages with hot tubs

What is it about hot tubs? Everyone wants one. According to one recent survey, more homeowners desire a hot tub in their garden than a greenhouse. While it should be noted that the two products perform slightly different roles (tomato plants don’t take too well in a hot tub), it’s telling that in recent years the hot tub has become so desirable once again.

Where to go on holiday in 2014

What are your goals for 2014? To stop smoking? Eat healthier? Stick in at the gym? See the world? With most of these objectives you’re on your own, but in the case of the latter, we’ve got your back. If one of your 2014 resolutions is to travel more, we’ve got an array of great ideas to share. Ideas involving hot destinations, trendy destinations and must-see destinations.

Albion's vineyards: British wine-tasting holidays

For those who are fond of a fruity red or a chilled Chardonnay, the prospect of a vineyard holiday is enticing. Visit a vineyard and learn about the winemaking process, from the field to the bottle. Throw in some sunshine plus the opportunity to sample the goods and you’ve got the makings of an idyllic holiday. But where can you go to experience such a blissful break – Bordeaux? Tuscany? Argentina?

Pet friendly holidays in the Lake District

Sky, hills and fells: that’s the Lake District for you. Throw in 12 of England’s largest lakes and 3,500km of trails and you’ve got the ultimate natural space; a haven of tranquility and an area of exceptional beauty. While most holidays call for leaving your pets at home, there really is no excuse for entrusting your dog to the neighbours if you’re heading to the Lake District. The area attracts hikers and explorers in their droves – many of whom explore the winding pathways with their faithful companion by their side.

Art Holidays in the UK: Build your holiday around Britain’s greatest art galleries

If your ideal holiday involves cramming in culture rather than hours on a sun lounger, the UK is the perfect holiday destination. With lower travel costs and the lure of a vibrant arts scene, you’re guaranteed to have a great time – regardless of the weather. Britain boasts some of the world’s greatest galleries, from the Tate Modern in the capital to the National Gallery situated in its Scottish counterpart.

Honeymoon holidays in the Caribbean

One of the world’s most coveted honeymoon destinations, the Caribbean can claim to be a tropical paradise without resorting to hyperbole. Over 700 islands give way to shimmering clear seas that are turquoise blue and picture postcard beautiful. Life here is as unhurried as legend would have it: whether you’re unwinding in the spa or burying your toes in the warm sand, your holiday is sure to be a stress-free zone.


What are your plans for autumn 2015? When pressed, most people will concede that they have no plans: it’s hard enough planning from one week to the next, ever mind months or years ahead. Ask any keen rugby fan where they’ll be between 18th September and 31st October 2015 and they’ll answer in a heartbeat - at the Rugby World Cup in England.

What’s your idea of the perfect honeymoon? Somewhere scenic? Tranquil? Relaxing? Probably all of these things, preferably imbued with more than just a touch of luxury. If ever there was a time to kick back and indulge yourself, it’s on your honeymoon. You’ve got your whole lives ahead of you in which to work, save and do all the other dutiful things that are expected of a responsible couple.

Cottages for the Valentines weekend

February isn’t usually a month for holidaying; with New Year still a vague memory, it’s too early to start thinking about a sunshine break. Just because you can’t book a fortnight’s holiday doesn’t mean you can’t get away in February however. Valentine’s Day provides the perfect opportunity for taking a break and leaving the banality of everyday life behind - if only for a weekend.

October: the month when leaves turn to orange, internet memes turn into Halloween costumes, and woollen scarves become mandatory attire. If you don’t mind the cold and the dark, October is a beautiful time of year. If you’re not a fan of British weather in autumn, however, fear not: October can still be beautiful. All you have to do is leave these shores.

Why do the Aussies love sport so much? Is it because of their superior weather, which lends itself to kicking or batting a ball about outside? Is it their world-class sports facilities? Is it their natural athleticism? Perhaps it’s all of these things; perhaps it’s none of them. One thing’s for sure: what Australia may lack in ancient history, it more than makes up for in edge-of-the-seat sports events.

Clean beaches, warm seas and an endless supply of sunshine are all part of the Bahamas holiday package, but that’s only the beginning. Book a family holiday here and there’s the prospect of feeding sharks or, if you’re feeling less bold, of swimming with dolphins. From Cable Beach to Nassau, some of the world’s finest permutations of sand and sea can be found in the Bahamas.

Easter is a time for renewal. New blooms, new lambs, new life, new hope. It’s also a time for going on holiday. While Easter is a special time for a multitude of reasons, let’s not forget about the biggest perk of the season: a week or more in which to take a break before emerging rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again. This Easter, recharge your batteries and renew your lust for life by holidaying in a quaint British cottage.



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