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'Robin McKelvie (twitter) is a full-time travel writer, photographer, broadcaster and blogger who has visited and written about 100 countries in a career spanning almost two decades. His articles have appeared in such eclectic outlets as the Guardian and the Independent in the UK and the Straits Times and The Australian overseas. Robin is also the author of over 30 guidebooks for the likes of National Geographic and Berlitz. He also regularly talks travel on various BBC Radio shows.'

Robin McKelvie

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Some cities boast one or two seminal icons; prodigious talents who have had a seminal influence on the city around them. Edinburgh doesn’t. The Scottish capital instead overflows with highly talented novelists, poets and artists who have all helped define both how the city sees itself and its past, but also how the world sees its myriad layers today. Edinburgh today is as much about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Inspector Rebus as it is about its picturesque old town or landmark castle.

The Scottish capital Edinburgh is one of the world’s great cultural cities. It boasts a rich heritage of great art, literature and the arts, with such famous names as Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns all inexorably woven into the story and fabric of the city. It came as no surprise when Edinburgh was named by UNESCO as its first ever City of Literature. Edinburgh, though, is no cultural timepiece or finished masterpiece; today, it's home to a dynamic and energetic cultural scene that visitors to the city can tap into.

Somerset Maugham famously described the French Riviera as a ‘sunny place for shady people’ and it has a gloriously nefarious reputation, what with its world-famous casino and Grand Prix in Monaco, the glamfest of the Cannes Film Festival, and as home to that most glamorous of glamorous resorts, legendary St Tropez. What brought people here in the first place, though, were its famously balmy climate and the necklace of beaches that still make it ideal for a sunny break.



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